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Sydney Freight is your first choice for moving boxes and packing materials. We stock removalist boxes both big and small, and cartons for books, wine and clothing. We offer all the packaging required when moving house or storing including cartons, butchers paper, tape, tape guns , bubble wrap and good range of plastic covers for beds, lounges, and chairs. The Sydney freight box outlet is located in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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Removalist boxes and cartons, new and used

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New Moving Boxes

Sydney Freight stock thousands of new boxes. We are happy to sell any quantity required. A decent number of used cartons are usually available. The current price list for removalist boxes is :

Moving Boxes New and Used
New Under 10 10 to 50 Over 50 USED
Tea Chest Box $5.5 $5.0 contact office $4.00
Book Box $4.5 $4 contact office $3.00
Wine Carton $6.0 $5.5 contact office
Port-a Robe $25.0 $21 contact office

All removal boxes are top quality and of twin cushion construction. The three main sizes of moving box are the tea chest the book box and the port-a robe:

Moving Box Dimentions mm
Tea Chest 420x440x620
Book Box 420x320x360
Port-A-Robe 480x600x1120

We suggest you have an empty car when picking up boxes as they do take up quite a lot of space. A larger car is required for port-a-robes Other packaging materials include butchers paper, tape, bubblewrap and plastic covers

Packing Materials
Butchers Paper $20 Lounge Plastic Cover $10
Tape $3.5 Mattress Plastic Cover King/Queen $10
Bubble Wrap $2 p/m Single Bed Plastic Cover $10
Tape Guns (incl 2 tape $20 Arm Chair Plastic Cover $10

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What our customers say ?

SydneyI just wanted to pass on our sincere praise and gratitude to the 4 removalists that moved us last Tuesday. Matt, Mark, Matt and Paul were truly fantastic - professional, efficient, polite and particularly careful.

- Kim

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